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Bell Family Papers


The Family Papers contains records mainly from the family directly descended from Abraham Bell I (1778-1856). Records related to extended family members are minimal and fragmented compared to the main Bell family of Bayside, New York.


Bell Family


Bell Family Papers, Genealogical Records
Bayside Historical Society
Swarthmore College Library
Bayside Times Newspaper
Queens Chronicle News
Ringing True: The Bells of Trummery and Beyond: 350 Years of an Irish Quaker Family by Bill Jackson, ISBN: 9781850723295


Bayside Historical Society




Bayside Historical Society





Collection Items

Bell.2008.1.75 - [Greeting Cards]
Greeting cards sent to the Bell Family.

Bell.2008.1.74 - [Cards to William Lawrence Bell]
Cards sent to William Lawrence Bell.

Bell.2008.1.73 - [Cards to Thomas C. Bell, [Jr.]]
Cards sent from various people to Thomas C. Bell, Jr.

Bell.2008.1.72 - [Cards to Mary C. Bell]
Cards sent from various people to Mary C. Bell.

Bell.2008.1.71 - [Cards to Bell Family]
Cards sent from various people to the Bell Family.

Bell.2008.1.70 - [Cards to Eliza H. Bell, Jr.]
Cards sent from various people to Eliza H. Bell, Jr.

Bell.2008.1.69 - [Cards to Brinton C. Bell, Sr.]
Christmas card sent by Thomas to Brinton C. Bell, Sr.

Bell.2008.1.68 - [Letter to "Mr. Bell" from [indecipherable]]
This letter authored by [indecipherable] to a "Mr. Bell" regard personal affairs.

Bell.2008.1.67 - [Letter, New York Society for the Suppression of Vice to unknown Bell family member]
This letter authored by the New York Society for the Supression of Vice to an unknown Bell family member regard the protection of youth from obscene picture and literature materials in schools.

Bell.2008.1.66 - [Envelope, unknown recipient and sender]
These envelopes are authored by an unknown sender to an unknown recipient.
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